Youth Activities

Youth Activities

Young people matter today and are our future, so our youth work activities are a vital and very successful part of our organisation.

Young refugees and asylum seekers and in particular unaccompanied minors will have experienced poverty, disadvantage and abuse in their home countries. Upon arriving in the UK they are faced with further disadvantage associated with linguistic and cultural barriers, social isolation and ongoing deprivation. Some of the young people are here alone and in care; others are living with an elder sibling or relatives. 

This project is supporting refugees and asylum seeking children with an emphasis on those who have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect by supporting them to develop their self-esteem and capacity for resilience (ECM outcomes).

Our youth activities aim to develop young people’s voice and influence, building their confidence and sense of place in society,  and enabling them to reach their full potential.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for learning which complements that of formal education, also preparing young refugees to tackle a whole spectrum of issues, and through group work (activities) help them develop supportive relationships with other young people, and opening their eyes to new experiences, confidence building, ambitions and empathy.

Weekly Social Club

For the ninth running year we continue our activities within our Youth Social Club. This is a mixed group (boys and girls aged 12-18 years old)  which meets every Thursday at Middlesex University, main reception.

At the Youth Club, our young people regularly enjoy table football, table tennis and pool. We also play outdoor football, run cooking sessions, organise outings, fun psycho-social activities and many other activities of the young people’s choice.

To find out about our running activities please contact our Youth Worker

Alicia Brown 
Position: Youth Wellbeing Coordinator
Telephone: 07572 525255 or 0208 905 9002 Ext *206 

Gloria Geretto
Position: Youth Worker
Telephone: 07572 525255 or 0208 905 9002 Ext *212

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