New Citizens’ Gateway identified a need to provide one-to-one support to refugees who needed help adjusting to their new life. This support is provided through a mentoring programme. The programme aims to improve the quality of life and promote the inclusion and integration of refugees by:

  • Helping them build confidence, strength in resilience and self-esteem
  • Become familiar with London and service available to them
  • Improve their English skills and benefit from interaction with people outside theircommunities and usual network groups or on the contrary
  • Reduce isolation and build rapport with mentor

Mentoring is a very valuable developmental activity implemented in many fields. Our volunteer mentors are matched each with a refugee mentee to provide mentoring advice on specific and general integration aspects from professional and educational development to learning about health services and benefits. At the core of the activity is the relationship between the mentor and the mentee. The focus of the activity is the development of the mentee as a result of their mentor’s advice, guidance and knowledge.

Volunteer mentors are trained for their new role and following that, they are then matched with a mentee (refugee in need of support). The mentor will then explore with their mentee what things they would like to achieve in their time together and a plan is put together.

For more information please check our Annual Evaluation of Mentoring Programme 2020

Mentoring during COVID-19

Our mentoring programme is continuing to support persons with refugee status during these difficult times by providing one to one online mentoring to help refugees integrate, get through the current crisis and make use of their time during lockdown. Volunteer Mentors help their mentees via video conference on a monthly basis and provide them with mentoring that is tailored to their needs that include emotional support and confidence building, language development and soft skills learning, information about health services and benefits, educational enrollment and trainings, and professional related development including online courses and CV writing.

To make a referral please contact:

Jida Malas
Position: Mentoring Coordinator
Telephone: 07983 437 491

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