Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

New Citizens’ Gateway believes that everyone is born equal and that asylum is a fundamental human right.  We recognise that many people in our society experience discrimination or lack of opportunity for reasons which are not fair. These include: race, religion, creed, colour, national and ethnic origin, immigration status, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability (including mental illness), HIV status, marital status, responsibility for dependants, appearance, geographical area, social class, income level or ‘criminal’ record.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide information, advice and support services to asylum seekers and refugees
  2. To help promote equality of access to health care, social care, housing, legal representation, education and training for asylum seekers and refugees.
  3. To provide and enhance educational and employment opportunities available for asylum seekers and refugees.
  4. To increase awareness of the needs, rights and entitlements of asylum seekers and refugees in relation to health, social care, housing, training, education and employment.
  5. To act as an information resource for statutory agencies, voluntary organisations and the wider community.
  6. To ensure that service providers deliver culturally sensitive and appropriate services to asylum seekers and refugees.
  7. To assist destitute and/or homeless refugees and asylum seekers to access emergency food and support.
  8. To help refugees and asylum seekers overcome isolation and regain their confidence and self-esteem through emotional support, eco-therapy, social activities and structured projects, thus enabling them to integrate into society.
  9. To significantly influence local and national strategies and policies with regard to refugees and asylum seekers.
  10. To provide volunteering opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers (including young people) to develop their skills and help them to access higher education and employment.
  11. To provide social activities and emotional support to young refugees and asylum seekers, in order to develop their confidence and skills.

NCG will challenge discrimination and lack of opportunity in its own policies and practices

NCG aims to create a culture that respects and values each other’s differences and sees these differences as an asset to our work, as they improve our ability to meet the needs of the organisations and people we serve.

Our Vision:

Through its work NCG envisages:

  1. A future where refugees and asylum seekers recognize themselves and are recognized by others as human beings of equal status in society.
  2. A greater understanding and more positive image in the wider community of the contribution made by refugees and asylum seekers and the issues which they have to deal with.
  3. Quicker and greater integration of refugees and asylum seekers through access to improved services, particularly in health, housing, education and employment.
  4. Greater understanding among refugees and asylum seekers of their rights and responsibilities.
  5. A well established and accessible New Citizens’ Gateway, working impartially in partnership with other relevant organisations to identify and meet the changing needs of refugees and asylum seekers.
  6. Enabling a fuller contribution of refugees to civic life through the promotion of social cohesion.
  7. Local policies and services which reflect the diverse needs of asylum seeker and refugee communities.
  8. A more powerful voice for refugees and asylum seekers in London and surrounding areas.