Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

New Citizens’ Gateway believes that everyone is born equal and that asylum is a fundamental human right.  We recognise that many people in our society experience discrimination or lack of opportunity for reasons which are not fair. These include race, religion, creed, colour, national and ethnic origin, immigration status, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability (including mental illness), HIV status, marital status, responsibility for dependants, appearance, geographical area, social class, income level or ‘criminal’ record.

Our Vision

All refugees to be welcomed, safe, respected, and resettled.

Our Mission

New Citizens’ Gateway provides holistic support and services which enable the inclusion of those seeking and getting protection in England and Wales and to access their full potential as equal participants in UK life.

Our Values

  • Inclusive

We believe in equal voice, equal opportunity, equal rights, and fairness for everyone. Being client-led and culturally sensitive is core to being inclusive.

  • Respectful

We treat everyone with kindness, empathy, openness and honesty. Active listening is the first step. This includes how we engage with clients, staff, volunteers and everyone we engage with. It is part of our professionalism.

  • Collaborative

We believe in partnership. Working together results in better plans, decision-making and solutions. We work together internally and externally with other stakeholders for the best possible outcomes for our clients.

  • Empowering

We believe in enabling people to solve their difficulties and give them more participation in the solution and hence develop the skills, experience and confidence to solve future problems

Our Strategy 2023-2024

Our Ambitions:

  1. To become a more Client-led Organisation.
  2. Enhancing our Holistic Model of Support.
  3. Establish NCG as one of the most trusted organisations in youth work.
  4. Advocacy and Policy Influence.

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