Esmond Rosen

 Esmond Rosen’s background is as a PE teacher and then in various community roles including Director of the Liverpool Jewish Youth & Community Centre. In 1986 he was elected Chair of the Liverpool Faith Network. He undertook appointments with the Board of Deputies of British Jews as Director of Community Issues and then as Community Development Manager of Borehamwood Synagogue.

He was appointed Regional Development Manager for Jewish Volunteering Network and was a Trustee of the Jewish Youth Fund and is also a Trustee of the Inter Faith Network.

He has edited an educational booklet on the Role of Righteous Muslims who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust and recognised as Righteous Amongst the Nations by Yad Vashem for their bravery and heroism.
He is now retired from professional work and is the elected President and Trustee of The Barnet Multi-Faith Forum, Barnet is the most diverse multi-faith borough in London and was the first in London to publicly sign a Covenant acting as the Voice of the Faith Sector with this strategic partnership arrangement with the Council.

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