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Refugee Mentor Volunteer
Volunteer Post at Barnet Refugee Service: Refugee Integration Mentor/Befriender

Going through this hard time does not mean you can’t be of any help. There are individuals with refugee status living in the UK who are in a more vulnerable situation then they were before. So if you think you can spare an hour or two once or twice a month to mentor a refugee via video conferencing then please apply to become a volunteer mentor at Barnet Refugee Service. If your application is successful, we will give you a call and conduct all related allocation process, including training and induction by means of online video conferencing.

Purpose of the role : 
We are looking for someone who is passionate about helping refugees integrate into their host society in the UK. You will offer one-to-one support as appropriate through anything they might require in their integration including:
•Emotional Support
•Language development
•Confidence building
•Increasing access to services
•Soft skills (time management, organizational skills, IT, Microsoft Office)
•Professional advice or educational enrollment advice

Each mentor will provide support and assistance to one refugee mentee to build a positive connection with them and motivate them to pursue personal development. A mentor will also help their mentee improve their sense of self-worth and value the contribution they make to society.
Time commitment required is for a minimum of one session a month using video conferencing. You will be required to commit once a month for a period of 6 months. This Mentoring Programmed by Barnet Refugee Service is part of an AMIF Integration scheme, which aims to support the integration of refugees who need support to find out about various issues related to their integration in the UK.

Skills required:
• Enthusiasm, dedication and a genuine commitment to helping refugees with their integration.
• Ability to motivate others to set their own goals and to achieve them.
• Capacity for planning; setting long- and short-term objectives.
• A positive, flexible, non-judgemental and patient attitude towards individuals with complex
• Good social and communication skills – particularly listening and motivation.
• A respectful attitude towards people of different educational, economic, cultural and
racial backgrounds.
• An ability to handle personal information sensitively.
• Basic knowledge of Arabic, Pashto, or Farsi desirable.

• Personal fulfillment through contribution to community and an individual.
• Satisfaction in helping others improve their situation and achieve their goals.
• Personal support and supervision to improve mentoring techniques.

Please send your inquiries  to or call 07983437491.




Come to work at Barnet Refugee Service and you’ll be working every day to help Refugees and Asylum Seekers rebuild their lives!